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    Chemical fiber industry

    Release time : 2016.12.13
    According to the Ministry of Industry website on the 9th news, the Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission issued "chemical fiber industry" thirteen five "development guidance. Opinion, "13th Five-Year" period, ...
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    The whole process of chemical fiber equipment intelligent just around the corner

    Release time : 2016.12.13
    Chemical fiber production growth rate decreased, leading to the market demand for chemical fiber machinery and equipment decreased. Conventional standard complete sets of equipment has been unable to meet the needs of the future market
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    2017 annual textile machinery industry production and management work forum will be held

    Release time : 2016.12.07
    In order to better summarize the national textile machinery production and operation in 2016 as a whole, to study and discuss the environmental conditions and development trend of textile machinery production and operation in 2017 and the future
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    Application of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Strong Silk in Garment Accessories

    Release time : 2016.12.07
    Consumer awareness of the chemical fiber yarn is relatively small, fine denier polypropylene filament is one of them, consumers understand their use? Clothing as people's daily necessities, has been occupying a pivotal ...
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