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The domestic textile industry is running down the trend of cocoon into a butterfly from where to sta

news source : release time:2016.12.13 Views:
The international financial crisis, the international market demand weakened, the domestic market demand growth slowed down and raw material costs, the appreciation of the renminbi and other unfavorable factors, the domestic textile industry is running down trend.
In the land, energy, labor and other costs of rapid rise and the constraints of the ecological environment, the eastern coastal textile and garment industry to the central and western gradient to accelerate the pace, greatly optimizing the textile industry, industrial layout. However, labor-intensive industries, which are dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, are not sufficiently prominent. Last year's Canton Fair, Vice Minister of Commerce Fu Ziying proposed the current deep drawbacks of China's textile and garment industry: exports are still OEM-based, independent brands and independent design less than 10% of total exports; export price advantage is weakening, Demographic dividend in the disappearance of the RMB appreciation pressure increasing; lack of international marketing channels, high value-added links to control the lack of international competitiveness.

Today, OEM production is no longer a long-term development of export processing enterprises. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) pointed out that it is necessary to push forward the strategic readjustment of the economic structure. Actively play the creativity and flexibility of small and medium enterprises to promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile enterprises in the transformation phase of a positive response to complex environment, bigger and stronger enterprise of the inevitable requirement.

As most of the small and medium enterprises to run low-quality-oriented business, is still in the low-end chain, to the upper reaches of the industrial chain development will become very important. Through technological innovation, management innovation to change the extensive growth mode, increase enterprise efficiency, improve product added value. On the one hand, the technological transformation of equipment to strengthen the transformation of production processes and quality testing, highlighting the cost control and efficiency improvement; the other hand, the introduction of experienced R & D team to increase their creativity and design capabilities. In particular, enterprises need to focus on brand and channel construction, speed up from the "production as the core" to "marketing as the core" change, from simple focus on product quality to brand and image balance. Through the establishment of corporate image, create a brand, enhance the domestic visibility and market share. The use of mature e-commerce platform paving the way for the enterprise sales channels and reduce the cost of a positive attempt to promote.

Small and medium-sized textile enterprises alone have been difficult to cope with fierce international competition and high cost challenges. In addition to a solid internal strength, the formation of regional, inter-industry strategic alliance can help companies achieve complementary advantages, risk and cost-sharing, sharing of resources, thereby digesting production costs, expand the scope of business. Actively with the textile industry in the field of production enterprises docking, reduce intermediate links, to achieve win-win cooperation. Seize the opportunity of industrial transfer, and gradually form a complete set of complete textile and garment industry chain.
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