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Textile industry cluster: based on a new starting point and then brilliant

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10 years ago on December 24, 2002, is the development of China's textile industry has a milestone in the day. On the same day, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the China Textile Industry Association (now the China Textile Industry Association) gave the first batch of awards to the places where the Chinese textile industry bases were located, the cities with special characteristics (towns) (County, district) signed a "second five" textile industry cluster during the pilot to build the agreement, was listed as textile industry cluster pilot areas.

This marks the leadership of the China Textile Industry Federation, the collective assessment of the situation, and creatively opened up a new type of textile industry cluster, reflecting the industry leader collective advancing with the times of the decision-making, vision, wisdom and ability, has significant strategic significance.

In 2007 and 2010, the China Textile Industry Federation released the "China Textile Industry Cluster Development Report", which introduced systematically the general situation, the background, the impetus, the position of the industrial cluster, the development of the textile industry cluster, Role, advantage, as well as the development of the problems, but also on the cluster economy how to embark on a new road to industrialization made a lot of guiding opinions.

Since 2002, the China Textile Industry Federation of the textile industry cluster as a development of textile economy, a strategic task. 10 years, the pilot area by the 38 cities and towns expanded to more than 191 cities and towns, the textile economy accounted for the national textile economy more than 40% of the total. Textile cluster economy is growing, vibrant, has become the basis of China's textile economy. Industrial clusters use its unique advantages in promoting scientific and technological progress, and promote brand building has played a role can not be underestimated. Cluster regional economic development, industrial upgrading, enterprises all over the people rich tax increase for the development of China's textile industry made distinctions.

The rapid development of industrial clusters on the national textile industry's contribution to the economy is growing, has become the industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the important foundation. In order to better provide timely and effective services for the cluster, from the beginning of 2008, each year the China Textile Industry Federation organized research, deep into the country's textile industry cluster areas, to grasp the development and changes in clusters to understand the business and cluster operation Situation and existing problems, and propose countermeasures.

Under the guidance of the central policies, the development of the textile industry cluster, in addition to international and domestic macroeconomic impact, the market to play a fundamental role in the allocation of resources and other economic factors, as well as local government support, local trade associations and economies of scale Agglomeration area of ​​their own development and pulling effect, as well as entrepreneurs of their own hard work and efforts, as well as national textile industry organizations in a timely manner, the correct guidance and services. Due to the stability of industrial clusters around the development have taken effective measures to adjust the cluster upgrade gradually taken a substantial step in the quality, efficiency has improved significantly. Cluster economy in the past with a clear market configuration of the spontaneous, relatively extensive. Today, the economic adjustment began to embark on the track of scientific development, almost all around the cluster adjustment and revitalization of the textile industry planning and local regional economic development of the actual development planning. The development of industrial clusters based on scientific and technological progress, brand building and public services on the basis of energy-saving emission reduction, environmental management as an important goal of development. Many of the earlier development of industrial clusters, through the construction of new industrial park, and promote scientific development. And a large number of newly entered the pilot cluster from the beginning to absorb the experience of advanced clusters, technological progress has always been a shift in the extensive development of the cluster basis for the cluster generally pay attention to the upgrading of technology and equipment as a breakthrough to promote technological transformation, equipment renewal and product development . With the continuous development of enterprises, the growth of the cluster economy, the progress of textile technology, new technologies, new equipment, new materials, new processes are emerging.
A large number of practice shows that the textile industry cluster is an important organization of the development of social production of China's textile industry, has become the main body of China's textile industry. The promotion of industrial upgrading of China's textile industry cluster is not only of great strategic significance to the transformation of China's textile industry from big to strong, but also has important practical significance for the sustainable development of regional economy. As a regional economic organization which promotes the development of textile industry and local economy, textile industrial cluster plays a significant role in promoting regional division of labor, forming new textile base and subdividing market.

10 years, the development of textile clusters to promote the development of a large number of leading enterprises, a number of exemplary clusters come to the fore. Their overall technical equipment and technological level, energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection level, product quality and ability to resist risks have improved significantly, the effectiveness of public service platform construction, market development and cluster brand building has improved, the cluster of collaboration between enterprises Development, market self-discipline and social responsibility have progress, the other industrial clusters have played a very good demonstration. Although the textile industry cluster has made great achievements in economic development, but the face of international and domestic new situation, the development of textile clusters is still a long road, the development of space is also very great. The level of technology and equipment between the clusters and the development of the situation is still very uneven, there is a big difference. The quality of management and management level is also a big gap between the clusters generally lack of high-quality management and operating personnel, small and medium enterprises and more features of the cluster as a whole technological innovation and product development capacity. To maintain the sustainability of the cluster capacity, but also need to make greater efforts.

At present, China's textile industry to achieve the magnificent goal by the big change, we are facing a rare opportunity, but also face many foreseeable and unpredictable risks. "Twelfth Five-Year" period is China's comprehensive well-off society in a critical period, during which the textile industry has the opportunity to develop, but the international and domestic environment is also more complex. From the international perspective, the uncertainty of world economic growth, demand sluggish will become the norm, the development of China's textile industry is facing the developed countries in the high-end areas of control and developing countries in the low-end areas of low-cost competition in the double squeeze. From the domestic perspective, rising costs, resources, environmental constraints and other factors become an important challenge. Industrial cluster As an important way for China's textile industry intensive organization, we should strengthen the awareness of opportunity and risk, and try to do the industrial upgrading of industrial clusters in an effort to seize the day and night.
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