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Textile Innovation Conference: Reconstructing the Advantages of Modern Textile Industry Systematizat

news source : release time:2016.12.13 Views:
December 18, the theme of "restructuring and growth" of the 2012 China Textile Innovation will be held in Beijing. China Federation of Textile Industry Wang Tiankai, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Consumer Products Industry Secretary Wang Liming attended the annual meeting. China Textile Industry Association, Sun Ruizhe, Chen Shujin, Zhang Li, Yang Jichao and other industry leaders, domestic and foreign textile and garment entrepreneurs and senior management, local government, industry associations and industrial clusters, professional market management agencies, institutions of higher learning Representatives, representatives of financial investment institutions, important financial media and industry media representatives attended the meeting.
Wang Tiankai in 2012, the industry made achievements at the same time, put forward in the future need to focus on industry issues and priorities, such as excess capacity, alliance building, production and research cooperation. He stressed that the overcapacity of enterprises may lead to excessive competition, the ultimate damage to the industry; the past few years, the industry has been doing Union building, the results are significant but still need to continue to grasp; in the "production and research" to play the role of large enterprises , But also concerned about the innovation of small and medium enterprises, so that large enterprises bigger and stronger, to do small and medium enterprises to do fine. He also hoped that in the next year's innovation will be able to share more and better experience in the industry, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises targeted services.

The conference is composed of theme congresses and four innovation forums. Sun Ruizhe made the theme of "restructuring the modern textile industry system of advantages" theme report. His analysis of the existing problems on the basis of the industry, proposed the establishment of modern textile system is an important way to change the industry growth mode. This paper focuses on the advantages of the system and its core composition, combined with the current cost, industry transfer and export market, policy dividend and other industry hot issues, pointed out that the reconstruction of the modern textile industry system of advantages, and technological innovation, Brand innovation, business model innovation, intellectual property protection, sustainable development, social responsibility and so on are indispensable parts of the system.

In the theme of the forum "new bottlenecks and new opportunities", the China Cotton Textile Industry Association, president of the North Na, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, president of Xiaoping Xiaoping, China Industrial Textiles Industry Association Li Lingshen, China Garment Association executive vice president Chen Dapeng Respectively, entitled "entrepreneurship and innovation", "a few thoughts on innovation", "China's industrial textiles industry opportunities and challenges", "China's apparel industry status and thinking," the theme of the speech, in-depth analysis of various fields The face of the status quo and difficulties, looking for opportunities for development and breakthrough.

In addition, in the theme forum of "new pattern and new expectation", "new technology and new demand", "new model and new value", the annual product development contribution award enterprises, domestic and foreign textile technology experts and technological innovation advantages Well-known enterprises, representatives of international and domestic excellent brands, sharing of enterprises in technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation, brand innovation and other aspects of successful experience of technological innovation for the market demand for the driving force for textile and garment enterprises and industrial clusters sustainable Development of the clock on the road.
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