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Zhejiang yarn prices of seven major characteristics of yarn, 6 major new technologies

news source : release time:2016.12.13 Views:
Spinning is the first process of the textile industry chain, spinning technological progress and product upgrades, the entire textile industry has an important progress and development, especially the current domestic spinning processing costs continue to increase, the yarn market is facing domestic Outside the multifaceted strength of the competition, in a very grim situation.

To this end, the Zhejiang Textile Engineering Society specifically invited the provincial key spinning enterprises and related scientific and technological personnel, focusing on speeding up the spinning equipment and product upgrades, to reduce people and enhance efficiency, enhance the competitiveness of the theme, to conduct extensive exchanges and discussions.
Participants believe that although the textile industry in Zhejiang has a high degree of product agglomeration, market information, fast response, the advantages of rapid changes in production varieties, but there are many drawbacks, the future need to accelerate the transformation of spinning equipment and product structure adjustment, improve product quality and Reduce labor and employment.

7 kinds of characteristics of yarn production

Production upgrade in product quality and cotton products to avoid the homogenization of conventional chemical fiber competition, to fully rely on the advantages of Zhejiang agglomeration and development advantages, focus on the development of seven major characteristics of yarn production.

First, color spinning yarn (including semi-worsted yarn).

Such yarn is the leading products in Zhejiang spinning industry, there are more than 30 years of experience, manufacturers and more high value-added products. Participants believe that to rely on the Zhejiang knitwear market and sweater market advantages, in the "thirteen" to further expand during the color spinning and semi-worsted yarn production capacity, from the current total yarn 20% to more than 30% , And from the current mainly to the use of cotton to multi-color and multi-fiber blended in the direction of the development of high-grade color spinning.

Second, expand the production of fancy yarn.

In recent years, Zhejiang has many spinning enterprises, such as Longyou Min Rong, Ninghai Xu Feng, Tongxiang Weitai, Yi De, etc., regard the development of fancy yarn as a corporate adjustment of product structure is an important measure. Fancy yarn production from small batches to large quantities, production accounts for more than 50% of the total yarn enterprises, cotton, wool spinning enterprises are expanding the production of fancy yarn, enterprises have also achieved good economic returns .

Third, the expansion of wool, linen, silk natural fiber blended yarn production.

At present, there are many spinning enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the use of wool and linen fiber development of a variety of blended yarn, and achieved certain results. Such as the Shaoxing Huatong color spinning company developed the maximum yarn count of marijuana blended yarn reached 80, and marijuana blended yarn as raw materials to develop 10 categories of products, praised by the majority of users. Another example is Jiaxing Huaxiang textile companies have also developed a variety of linen blended yarn, so that enterprises get better economic returns.

Four is to expand the differential, functional yarn production scale.

With the functional requirements of the people to improve the functional, the demand for functional yarn will be more and more, participants believe that the spinning enterprises should seize this trend, from the production of conventional yarn to the production of functional yarn Line transfer, the use of a variety of functional fibers, expand the production of functional yarn.
Fifth, we must actively expand home textile and decorative yarn production.

Zhejiang is the domestic textile and decorative cloth production of key areas in Shaoxing, Haining and Yuhang, and other areas have a lot of home textiles and decorative cloth professional market and production enterprises, need to use a lot of home textiles and decorative cloth yarn. Spinning enterprises can produce according to demand yarn, expand production scale, improve corporate profit margins.

Sixth, do better and stronger knitting yarn.

Zhejiang is an important knitwear production base in Ningbo to export knitwear-based, Zhuji Yiwu is the largest seamless underwear and socks base, the demand for knitting yarn is not only large, and the higher the quality requirements, grade Also continue to upgrade. As long as the spinning enterprises to do with the quality of knitting yarn fine doing excellent, and continue to develop a variety of knitting yarn, can in the fierce market competition have a foothold.

7 is relying on jet vortex spinning and rotor spinning technology, expanding the proportion of new yarn.

Conditional enterprises should be eliminated in the ring spinning production capacity at the same time, actively using jet vortex spinning and other new technologies to increase the jet spinning vortex spinning and other new yarn production capacity and substantial savings in labor and employment, which is to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises Important measures.

6 kinds of new spinning technology

To develop the above seven categories of new yarn, in addition to selected raw materials, but also need to support the new spinning process technology. Participants believe that, in recent years, many domestic enterprises in the technical equipment on the transformation of experience, should seize the spinning process of the key equipment of technological transformation, to achieve technological upgrading to promote product upgrades.
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