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Why did you choose lanJing yarn?
Four big advantageallows you to choose easy!

  • Production strength

    More than 20 years focus on the production of polypropylene filament research and development, more than 10 research and development team for more than 500 domestic and foreign customers with high - quality products;
  • Perfect quality assurance

    Using the latest domestic production, testing equipment, products meet EU standards;
  • Color varieties complete

    Color can be customized, 3 days to pay 5 days delivery; another color finished product storage, species reached 1,000 kinds of stock color is now on delivery
  • Product rich

    Mainly produces 300 D-1800D various colors of high-strength polypropylene yarn, and special polypropylene silk;
  • Application of polypropylene yarn industry
    Company Profile

    Guangzhou LanJing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd

           Guangzhou Lenzing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is located in Sanjiang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City, adjacent to Huizhou, adjacent to Dongguan, the Pearl River Delta and convenient transportation. Founded in 1999, specializing in the production of various colors 300D-1800D polypropylene filament, is the ribbon, the rope ideal material. Is a collection PP belt, rope, twisted rope, needle-and jacquard belt in one of the manufacturers, you can order polypropylene yarn, polypropylene rope,.... MORE+
    • Chemical fiber industry

      Chemical fiber industry

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      The whole process of chemica…

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    • Application of Polypropylene…

      Application of Polypropylene…

      Consumer awareness of the chemical fiber yarn is relatively small, fine denier polypropylene filament is one of them, consumers understand t…MORE
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      The domestic textile industr…

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