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According to the Ministry of Industry website on the 9th news, the Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission issued "chemical fiber industry" thirteen five "development guidance. Opinion, "13th Five-Year" period, chemical fiber industry continues to maintain steady and healthy growth, chemical fiber differential rate increased by 1 percentage point per year, high-performance fiber, bio-based chemical fiber to further expand the effective production capacity. Independent innovation capability improved significantly, by 2020, large and medium-sized enterprises R & D expenses accounted for the proportion of the main business income from the current 1% to 1.2%, the average annual growth of 15% of invention patents, polyester, nylon, regenerated cellulose fibers And other conventional fiber varieties continue to maintain the world's leading level of technology, carbon fiber, aramid, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and high-performance fiber and bio-based chemical fiber basically reached the international advanced level, forming a group of internationally competitive large enterprise groups. Green manufacturing to further enhance the level of energy consumption per unit of added value, water consumption, emissions of major pollutants to achieve national targets and related binding standards, the total number of recycled fiber continued to grow, to further improve the recycling system.

Opinions pointed out that support enterprises through horizontal integration and vertical integration, to achieve the reorganization and optimization of the stock of assets. For large-scale and strong terephthalic acid-polyester enterprises, the caprolactam-nylon enterprises can realize the integrated production of refining, chemical fiber and textile through the industrial chain, and improve the control ability and comprehensive competitiveness of the industry chain. We will actively promote international cooperation in production capacity utilization and utilize the distribution of raw materials for oil and gas resources in Central Asia and the Middle East. We will use our leading chemical fiber manufacturing technology and equipment to form the upstream and downstream industrial chains. We will actively build a competitive advantage. Global division of labor system, R & D innovation system and marketing system.

Opinions also proposed to promote intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the integration of the two. And strive to break through digital, intelligent chemical fiber equipment and manufacturing complete sets of key technologies to break through the existing chemical equipment design bottlenecks, modular production. (MES), enterprise energy management system, enterprise management information system (ERP), e-commerce service platform and materials for chemical fiber enterprises, to meet the production requirements of multi-species, high quality, low energy consumption and clean production. Networked system. Strengthen the online detection, remote diagnosis and operation and maintenance functions such as the development and application. Development and promotion of digital technology design, digital full-process manufacturing technology, digital production management technology to achieve large-capacity multi-batch product information automation and product traceability. Promote the polyester, nylon and other industries to establish smart shop and intelligent factory demonstration, research data, cloud computing in the whole process of chemical fiber production applications.
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